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Personalized memorials made to last.

When our loved ones leave us, they are never truly gone. Our friends and family members continue to live on through our memories—and a monument or marker serves as a permanent reminder. It provides a physical location to mourn and remember loved ones for many generations to come.

High-Quality Service and Personalization

We’ll help you create a beautiful memorial to honor those you care about most. We have been crafting cutting-edge designs right here in Indiana for decades.

Personalization is essential to properly commemorating the life of your loved one. We can customize any monument design to incorporate hobbies, careers, military service, favorite sports and more. New laser-etching techniques even allow for photographs to be placed on granite memorials!

We want to ensure that your vision for the monument is not only met, but ultimately, exceeded.

Explaining The Options

Design Choices:

Sandblasting is a traditional process used to produce a loved one’s memorial. This process selectivity removes granite from the surface of the stone using a rubber stencil, high-pressured air, and abrasive grit. Utilizing a “double-process” sandblasting method means the memorial has an incredible sharpness and stunning detail.

A laser engraving machine can be thought of as three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. The laser is like a pencil – the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface. The controller (usually a computer) controls the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser beam aimed at the surface.


What is Granite?
Granite is a natural stone that took Mother Nature millions of years to create and exists in just about every region of the world. Deep within the earth, combined with compression of various minerals under varying conditions creates infinite unique patterns. No two patterns of granite are the same. Each is a unique piece of art created by nature. Granite is antibacterial and each piece is made uniform so it can be polished.

How is Granite Created?
Granite is hard igneous stone that is formed over millions of years by volcanic activity. Magma flows from volcanic activity and slowly cools over millions of years. During this process, magma is mixed together with various minerals including horn blend, feldspar, mica, and quartz to create its “crystal appearance”.  As soft earth material surrounding granite deposits erode over time, hard granite  becomes exposed creating quarries of granite.

Headstones, Marker and Monument Pricing

From markers to monuments through headstones and more, memorials are available at all of our cemeteries in a full range of style and sizes.

Simple Ordering Process

  • Virtual design is available
  • Order can be placed with our staff
  • Design proof is built and approved
  • Stencils prepared and laser etching and sandblasting process starts
  • Monument is cleaned and shipping/delivery is setup

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